Irrigation system from Anyou Industry

Drip tape sample test

Drip tape from Anyou Industry

Rain gun sprinkler

Rain gun sprinkler irrigation

How to install spray tube

Micro spray tube introduction

Full circle micro sprinkler

Micro Sprinkler for fruit tree

Anti insect sprinkler  Radius: 2.1-3.7 m  Flow rate: 42-213 L/H

Four head fogger for optimal cooling and humidifying

Four head fogger for optimal cooling and humidifying

Four head fogger  Radius: 0.9-1.1 m  Flow rate: 30-42 L/H

Rotate micro sprinkler for greenhouse and flower

4/7 barb for micro sprinkler

1/2" brass sprinkler for garden

1/2 inch plastic impact sprinkler

Metal sprinkler Radius: 22-28 m

1 inch plastic sprinkler with 4 nozzles

Butterfly sprinkler

Plastic sprinkler  Radius:18-20 m

1 inch plastic sprinkler with 5 nozzles

How to adjust a part circle sprinkler?

1/2 inch part circle plastic sprinkler

3/4 inch part circle plastic sprinkler  Radius: 13-18m

Drip tape with flat emitter

Production of drip tape

Spray tube for lawn

Production of spray tube

Adjustable button dripper 0-70 L/H

Arrow dripper

Rain gun PY40   Radius: 28-32 m

Rain gun with tripod stand

PY40 rain gun sprinkler

How to install rain gun tripod stand?

Big rain gun Radius: 26-57 m

How to install 1" sprinkler tripod stand?

4/7 micro sprinkler hose

Rain gun sprinkler part