Irrigation Supplier Work

Your Premier Irrigation Company

• OEM/ODM service for irrigation importers, distributors, brands, and business.

• Offering one-stop service from sampling, production, private labeling and shipping.

• Various of irrigation products available (rain gun, sprinkler, drip tape, dripper, micro spray tube, PE pipe, filter, fittings, etc).

Run Your Irrigation Business with AnYou

Our main goal is to help grow your business by providing you with a better purchase process.

• We receive your detailed requirement.

• We follow through and make sure to satisfy all your packaging requirements.

• Complete and thorough inspections are performed at each step of the ordering process before the goods are delivered.

• Prompt completion of orders and professional follow-ups are done during the entire process.

• We provide and update you with weekly status reports so that you are assured that everything is under control.

• We guarantee safe and timely shipment of your orders.

• You will also be given copies of documents and all the loading pictures.

• After sales service is also provided to ensure that you get a completely pleasant buying experience with us.